walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

more cookies, more cleaning and a really, really good Sunday

I ultimately made pecan sandies as well. Yum. There may have been some emptying of bins into bags to take somewhere else which is not our house.

Today was amazing. I dropped the cookies off at the bake sale but did not stick around for the tree lighting or santa meet and greet because I was reasonably certain it would fall right on top of T.'s nap. Instead, we went to Nashua and R. bought his mother (who he is secret santa for) a present at the cool jewelry shop in the mall while T. napped in the van and I delayed turning the car on to heat it back up again as long as possible. Then we went to Borders, where I bought a variety of books, including the truly wonderful _I was a really good mom before I had kids_, which I will review after I finish it. I may buy a stack of these and send them out for the holidays; it's that good.

I also just made reservations in Albany for the visit to R.'s other sister. It's snowing (or was) and we're supposed to get a few inches tonight. Should be fun.

I've actually gotten downstairs to the treadmill at least twice in the last week. Shocking.
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