walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Friday's Activities Include: feeling a little ill, Cub Run Rec Park

Today, I woke up feeling kind of ill. I spent a bunch of time in the bathroom. Later, I discussed things with my sister and we looked at some labels. We concluded that I really should not have had the taco meat, because the seasoning had whey in it. Oh well!

R. took T. swimming at Cub Run Rec Park. We had planned on trying for Natural History again, but because I wasn't up to getting that far from a bathroom, we basically just hung out instead.

MIL got on an airplane; hopefully she will continue to improve when she is home and better able to rest.

T. would like me to mention that we went to dinner at Coastal Flats at 3 p.m. And we enjoyed it, as always.
Tags: daily activities
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