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Sunday's Activities Include: horse canceled, lunch at Seoul Kitchen, dinner with the T. family

The horse was canceled due to the holiday. The kids were bored out of their minds, unfortunately. T. and I went to Roche Bros. to get some groceries. I also got some cooking done: squash soup, brussel sprouts with bacon and yams with crisp topping on top.

The yams were an idea I had after 2015's Christmas dinner at Ruth's Chris. They do a similar (but very dairy intense) side dish. I grew up with candied yams with toasted marshmallows on top, a dish I only later realized was not unique to my family (really. This is a thing. Amazing.). The marshmallows are a bit much, and I've done variations with drastically less brown sugar, and a lot more interesting spices. But after seeing the Ruth's Chris side go by, I thought, Self, you could put the topping from apple crisp on it and it would be like dessert.

And indeed, it is.

T. and I had lunch at Seoul Kitchen. I was skeptical that they would be open, but they were. I had the stone pot bi bim bab (sp?) with beef, and they had banana spring rolls on the dessert menu so I totally overdid.

The T. family came over for drinks and cold cuts (and the various items I had cooked earlier), and the kids played. Amazingly enough, the boys even hung out together; they usually ignore each other.

It was a lovely return to some of our usual routine.

T. would like me to add that he had some conflict with his sister. She had grabbed him by his jacket and wasn't letting him go. I came up after he texted me about it and told her to let him go. I dunno what is going on with these two, but they are clearly interested in having a lot more interaction than they used to. Also, she said, "I don't like my sibling." Which is sort of funny. Not, "I don't like my brother."
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