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Wednesday's Activities Include: T's half day, gymnastics, liquor store, cleaning fridge

Today was T.'s half day. R. took the day off to get some things taken care of. I went on both my walks (yay! recovering my routine!), then had some lunch at home (burger, because, chronically low on iron), then picked up T. at school. His very first scholastic book order arrived! Very exciting!

I forgot all his stuff, so we went home to get shorts and a tshirt and his phone. Then we stopped at the Acton Starbucks. I hate their parking lot. I seem to have negative experiences every single time. Oh well. Then off to gymnastics. After that, I left T. in the car while I went to the liquor store (beginning of Bad Mom story! Alas, also the end of Bad Mom story, and not much of a Bad Mom story since he is 11). I got my not-bro-in-law a minor present and supplies for Swamp Water, because I've been running low.

I cleaned the fridge out after dinner (we all ate at home, and we ate a bunch of the same foods, actually, which is sort of amazing for us); there was leftovers buildup that was going bad and today is trash-out day. Well, tomorrow is, but we put the cans out the night before because occasionally they arrive really early.

Got caught up on laundry, vacuumed under A.'s bed, unboxed some more of her doll stuff. Played tic tac toe with her and helped her set up the doll tea set. She played the penguin pop up game with R. later. She watched _Polar Express_. T. watched _Storks_.

I'm looking forward to seeing _Sing!_ next week, probably with a fairly large (for us, anyway) group of tweeners. Sounds about right.
Tags: daily activities
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