walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Bite Me_, Shelly Laurenston

(ETA Huge apologies for managing to spell the author's name incorrectly. BOTH first and last names wrong. I must be special or something, to cock it up that bad!)

I was reading SBTB (http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/) the other day, and there was a hilarious post about books with angry heroines. I've read some Laurentson before, and the reason I stopped reading her wasn't so compelling I was opposed to giving it another try.

In this outing, Livy (honey badger) and Vic (hybrid bear / I forget the details on which cat) get together. It is far enough into the series/universe that you could get very, very, very lost if you haven't read any of the earlier books at all, but if you understand the basic universe and how the various shifter groups relate to each other, the book stands on its own otherwise (you don't have to read _all_ the other books first, basically).

The book opens with a funeral and all kinds of honey badger drama around the funeral. Livy is sort-of depressed and mostly that manifests as not wanting to take any pictures or really do much of anything. Vic and his not-partner hire her to break into an apartment in an effort to track down someone who has been hunting shifters and stuffing them (ewww); the apartment belongs to that man's decades estranged daughter so there is no real expectation that searching the apartment will help but it's one of the few ideas they have. Alas, Livy gets a real surprise in that apartment.


Look, if you dropped in here via google, now is the time to leave. If you read this blog and you don't realize I spoil the fuck out of everything, well, you haven't been reading it for very long. So, run away! Or some honey badger will do something really awful to you probably. Because that's how they roll.

Where was I? Oh, Livy didn't really believe her father was in the coffin at his funeral; she thought it was a scam on her mother's part to collect on insurance policies she had taken out on him. He _wasn't_ in the coffin. But as her mother had come to believe, he was dead. And as absolutely no one expected, he was in that apartment. Stuffed.

Livy is too upset to talk about it, but not too upset to do some major damage. Vic gets her out of the trouble she immediately gets into, and then takes her off for some recuperation time until she is able to discuss what happened in the apartment. Once she recovers enough to talk, she calls a honey badger clan meeting and all holy hell breaks loose.

As these things go, it's kind of fun, if you're looking for a _very_ literal minded hero and a _very_ angry heroine. I think I was supposed to be laughing a lot more than I was. It was pretty dark, tho.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction
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