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Tuesday's Activities Include: T. stays home, detailing, errands, and Presents Day!

I finally got around to changing the sheets today. And NOT because anyone threw up on them, which is a minor miracle currently.

T. stayed home; he wasn't sick again but there is a 24 hour wait policy at his school. In the meantime, I met the sitter at Village Detail for the 10:30 dropoff and drove her back to her day job. She got a ride later to pick it up. Bummer I didn't go earlier than I did; I could have run an errand to Colonial Spirits.

I stepped out to go to CVS (where I forgot to get the salicylic acid), the bank and the grocery store. Other than that, I mostly stayed home and worried about whether T. was okay or not -- and whether or not I was going to get sick again the way I did after A. recently was ill. Of course, that took a few days to develop so who knows.

I'm excited to see _One Fell Sweep_ on my kindle! I haven't read it yet, but am really looking forward to it.

T. entertained himself rewatching _The Wild Life_, _The BFG_, and _The Secret Life of Pets_. It's so much more fun being sick as a kid now that there are streaming movies.

I also made the first of a bunch of dining reservations for a different trip further into the future. Right at the moment, it is hard to think about that. Hopefully my brain will work better in another few days.

ETA: _Pete's Dragon_, and _Finding Dory_ is up next. A. went to gymnastics. T. had a couple Eggo's out of a very ancient box from the bottom of the chest freezer.

ETAYA: It's always a bit of a dilemma for us, whether we aim for the 20th or the 21st, especially when Solstice is supposedly some weird hour early in the a.m. on the 21st or something equally silly. Because it worked better for the rest out life, today, we read _The Shortest Day_ and opened presents. It was a lot of fun. Y'all have a great time when you open your presents, whenever that may be.
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