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Monday's Activities Include: walks, canceled reservation, new reservation fail, Dutch, puke

I woke up and checked my email and the rental house I had set up months ago for an upcoming trip canceled due to flooding. I'm not that surprised; the Washington Post has been talking about how cold it has been for a while now. Still. It took three attempts to get that property, and when I tried to book another rental house, it canceled, too, because they had failed to update the calendar on the site I was using after they rented it through a different site. D'oh. I _had_ had a backup 2 bedroom reservation at a Homewood Suites but canceled it in a fit of confidence (yeah, I'm going back to my standard belt-and-suspenders paranoia). I now have some studios at a Residence Inn which is closer to my sister's place.

No sitter for A. planned, but she came over anyway. The girls hung out with her, then when she left early (5 p.m.), D. and I took the girls out to McDonald's for dinner, where they were really happy to get the koala character from Sing in their happy meals.

Alas, when we got home, I got a call from T.'s sitter. They tried to have dinner at the 110 Grill but T. felt ill. They left early with their dinner(s), and he threw up all over the inside of her car. And of course, it is after every auto detailing place I can find is already closed. R. got what he could cleaned up (gloves, paper towel) and I left a message at Village Detail.

ETA: D. and I went to the library! Of course, I was so distracted by my lodgings problem that I failed to enjoy it as much as I usually do and didn't actually check anything out. Next time I will!

ETAYA: I forgot! I had my Dutch lesson on Monday rather than Tuesday, because of scheduling issues unrelated to me. Which means I _had_ a Dutch lesson this week, which would have obviously been impossible if it had actually been on Tuesday. (Foreshadowing.)
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