walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sunday's Activities Include: horse canceled, Moana, Bertucci's, play date

The horse was canceled due to mud, ice and rain. Since we had some warning on that, T. and I bought tickets to see Moana at Solomon Pond. Roads were clear so no drama. Great movie! We both really liked it a lot.

After the movie we went to Bertucci's. I got the roasted vegetables (made with no milk products) and a salad. It was filling and yummy.

We had an extra fun play date in the evening, even tho I was mostly out of Luxardo's. I used lemon twists in the drink and I had bought a bunch of veggie items for our cold cuts spread (black bean salad, chickpea salad, something called membrillo with the whole label in Spanish, etc.).
Tags: daily activities
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