walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The New Year Brings Changes

Some of you know that Roland and I sneaked into Seattle for a few days last week. We were supposed to arrive before the storm, but we were mechanicalled and missed our connector out of Newark, and if you watched the news, you know what happened to Newark.

Anyway, we finally got there on Monday night and Roland had rescheduled his job interview to Tuesday. It went well. We saw a very few of our lovely friends, picked up a 7 year old friend of mine and all flew back to New Hampshire to resume playing in the white stuff. We had a truly wonderful weekend of attempting to turn powder into snowpeople and volcanos and forts (watering cans helped a lot) and cross country skiing at Windblown (I only fell twice, and fortunately on my butt). Today, the job got back to Roland and made a perfectly acceptable offer.

Not only will we be in Seattle to throw a Spring Equinox party, it'll be some flavor of housewarming party as well.

Woohoo! Of course, I've been here JUST long enough to miss my New Hampshire friends, but we're keeping the house and will visit back here often.
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