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Saturday's Activities Include: iPad replacement, frames, birthday party

T. and I went to the mall early (because it was open early) to get my iPad replacement. That went smoothly, and I picked up a Logitech case that has the connector for the iPad and also a little thing to hold the Pencil in. The Apple cover keeps falling off, and of course provides no corner protection at all. This feels better, altho being me, I'm sure I'll think of something to complain about.

We stopped at the frame shop on the way home and bought 2 (should have just bought one) 11x14 frames and picked up the storyboard. Once home, R. and I picked out a storyboard to retire, and 2 11x14s to retire from the walls so we netted out no additional frames on the wall. And the 2 11x14s are all matchy matchy with the frames which is nice. I don't mind having some spare frames; a bin of them will be going with us to visit my sister later and get some of her pictures up on her walls and hopefully into albums and similar as well.

While T. and I were at the mall, we went to the Paper Store (wicked crowded, with boxes of stock blocking the already narrowed aisles; I bumped my head on a glass shelf trying to get through one aisle) and bought a birthday present and card for his friend who is having a birthday party today. R. took T. to the party, then later they went ice skating and eventually out to dinner. I would normally take T. to dinner on Saturday, but I'm still stuck at the toast level of food. I was adventurous, tho -- I had a couple scrambled eggs.

My sister and I had a productive phone conversation planning meals for an upcoming visit. I also uploaded the CD of pictures from the J.M. photo session back in the spring (same one that generated the photos that went up on the walls, and the photos that went out in the photo mailers a few days ago). I got through 3 letters in the alphabet in the Holiday Card list. And I ordered some more holiday presents for people.

Pretty good day. A. sat around watching TV all day, which I probably should not have let her do, but I didn't have the energy to catch up on the backlog and being a civilized parent so we were slacker parents instead.

Horse is pre-emptively canceled due to cold weather tomorrow. It is really cold out (20) and due to get colder tonight (12). Ugh.

I did some filing. Updated the year's travel planner. Put a few more things on the kids' amazon wish lists. Tracked down which electrician we use at the condo so we can get some can lights fixed and maybe the halogen cabinet lights replaced with LEDs.
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