walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wednesday's activities Include: IEP, half day, gymnastics

A. wound up going to gymnastics on Tuesday night, but apparently sort of phoned it in. I was a little surprised she went at all, honestly.

Today, R. went to the IEP meeting (3 year re-eval). The new-ish OT identified some issues that had previously not been noticed so there are some modifications and additional motivation for R. and I to maybe get T. doing martial arts. I'm thinking tai chi, to minimize the risk of anyone getting hurt; there's a fairly traditional school in town that looks good. That's what finally helped me with my proprioreceptive problems; maybe if T. gets that kind of help a few decades earlier, it'll be even more effective.

Meanwhile, I dragged my still under the weather self off to pick up T. at school, then to Starbucks (I had a plain, toasted bagel, which was nice) and then to gymnastics. We had a couple sitters, so I told R. he could work late to make up for some of the interruption and I went to bed early.
Tags: daily activities
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