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Saturday's Activities Include: Maynard ArtSpace, Buttons & Bows, tree!

This morning, I had to get up a little early to take T. to Whole Foods, because I had two other outings planned for the day.

The next outing was to Buttons & Bows for their annual (?) American Girl event. I got there 15 minutes before the store opened, there was a line of several dozen people and no parking spaces. I wound up parking across the street in the lot leftover after that tack shop was taken down (Pegasus, maybe?). The pet store next to B&B had a sign saying Only For Our Customers or words to that effect.

I didn't have much of a plan, other than, A. is in That Doll Phase and still loves pink and is otherwise blessedly untouched by ridiculous ideas like I Must Own Everything From One Particular Obscure Collection From 7 Years Ago And Nothing Else Will Do. I had already ordered her Ashlyn from this year's Wellie Wishers (finally, a cheaper option from AmGirl) along with a load of accessories, so to the extend I had a goal it was: buy not too insanely priced pink crap. I did okay. There's a bed, a bathtub, a locker, a rolling luggage item (those last two are actually decent storage for clothing and other accessories), an unholy number of random pink clothing articles. I did rather foolishly succumb to the impulse to buy Rebecca's couch, which was Not Cheap, even at B&B, but OMG it is cute.

I did _not_ pay this much for it (and I didn't get it NIB/w tags or anything special like that): http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-American-Girl-Rebecca-Settee-Velvet-Couch-Sofa-Retired-NIB-/151662447170

After escaping the madness that is one of Jillian's best organized events, I went home, did NOT unpack the trunk, got everyone bundled into the other vehicle, including R., and we went to pick up D. and R. to go to Maynard ArtSpace for the Christmas/holiday fair. I got R. a print (at least I think I did! It should be delivered in a day or two, but the emailed receipt never arrived so I am a little puzzled. I may have to pull out the business card and find out what happened) for his holiday present. A. got a painting and a necklace. I brought home a card so I could buy some of the pastel minis that were so adorable but the artist had disappeared by the time I was ready to buy and there were three kids about the melt down so time to go! Lots of fun -- they do a few open house/shows throughout the year, if you get a chance and are in Metrowest you should try to go to one.

ETA: Oh, and R. and T. went to get a tree after they had lunch at Julie's Place! R. and A. will probably decorate it this evening while T. and I go out to dinner. Shortly.
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