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Friday's Activities Include: the warranty might cover that

Some days, I feel like I'm just shifting from a too-warm spot in hell to another, possibly even warm location.

Other days, I feel like I live a charmed life.

Honestly, my life isn't changing -- this is purely an artifact of my current mood, and I am almost always aware of that. Here is an example of that in action. I took myself off to Solomon Pond Mall the other day with my iPad with the cracked screen. It broke before T-weekend, and I've shifted the appointment twice because I just couldn't get my act together enough to get there sooner. I tell my tale of woe to the nice gentleman who says he didn't actually hear any of it, because the warranty will actually cover the crack in question.

No shit. I didn't even buy the AppleCare or anything like that. Turns out a hairline crack, no evidence of a point of impact, and no spider webbing, etc. -- that particular kind of crack might actually not be my fault and therefore might be covered by the warranty. But they don't have a swappable device, so I have to wait for one to arrive. Fingers crossed that it is still covered by warranty when I return.

A couple days ago, I had this great talk-about-books convo with a friend of mine. I mentioned -- in the course of this convo -- a podcast over on SBTB about billionaire novels. I was thinking it was from a couple years ago. Apparently 2 = 4 because it was actually from 2012. Which was a mistake I also made that same evening, when I mentioned to someone that I was attending that event to see him, and I still vividly and with pleasure recalled our previous meeting, a couple years ago, again, probably in 2012.

Anyway. The podcast includes a variety of assertions about what Extremely Rich People Do and Don't Do, and one of the recession stories included the offspring of great wealth who was having to fly first class when previously he had only experienced private planes.

I thought of that podcast _again_ when I read about Eric Trump running into a Muslim American comedian in first class.


The world is what it is. And it is often hilarious. Even if we are, actually, sitting in a warmish spot in hell.
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