walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday's Activities Include: Raven, Scholastic

I had two sitters today! First time this week! Very exciting. R. and I went out to dinner and I had two Fall Guys (always an Error) while I regaled poor husband with tales of I Hate People.

Oh well. There are days like that. They are improved by brown liquor and red meat.

I also placed both scholastic orders, after talking to T.'s teacher and deciding that just attaching it to his inclusion class was probably the right strategy.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a less depressing day. Or maybe I'll just go for a walk, get my iPad screen fixed and feel better, independent of the quality of the day. In the meantime, I _really_ enjoyed watching Iron Man 3, the rest of Captain America: Civil War and the beginning of Ant-Man. Because there's nothing like a good action flick when feeling annoyed with The Real World.

(If you are thinking, gosh, walkitout, can I help you out with that, don't even bother. Really. It'll be fine. I'm just aggravated.)
Tags: daily activities
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