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Today's Activities Include: Haircut, half day, Harvard, Henrietta's

It's 4H around here! Okay, not really. I had a haircut this morning, and I got going early enough to walk. I dropped a check off at the post office after, and then went for a walk with M. It was T.'s half day, so I picked him up, and then took him to gymnastics. He was unhappy with the choice of t-shirt and shorts (not quite matching green color apparently was not acceptable). Sitter texted in sick for the third day in a row; poor T. really misses her.

I headed out at 4 after R. came home early from work to watch T. I had a program to attend at Harvard, a UCS national food policy panel that was probably intended to be a bit of a victory lap and then buckle down to continue working on food but instead, as a result of the election not turning out as expected, turned into something else entirely. One nutter on the microphone during the q&a. Bittman's presentation got me thinking about the line 501(3)c organizations have to walk in terms of not taking a position on specific candidates. Emily Broad Lieb's presentation was fantastic -- she talked about some specific issues that might well arise in the next few years: there may well be a push to convert school lunch funding and/or SNAP to state block grant programs. She outlined other programs (AFDC and TANF) that went through this conversion back in the 1990s and the ramifications from that conversion that continue to this day in terms of state-to-state differences in coverage. Very, very, very good things to talk about and stay focused on, with bipartisan, broad interest. Salvador had a good presentation as well, talking about how the new administration's promises are out of step with the direction the population as a whole has been moving and also about how some of those promises, if implemented, would be directly and immediately harmful to people who helped elect this administration. 2 big tables (about a dozen per) at Henrietta's after. I got to chat with several really nice, pleasant people from various backgrounds about a variety of topics, some related to the presentation but a lot just getting to know each other. One of the nicest things about giving money consistently to organizations which align well with one's values is getting the opportunity to meet other people doing the same thing, and finding out that, what do you know, they are really wonderful. Big crowd at the main discussion -- over 300.
Tags: daily activities, food, politics
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