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Wednesday's Activities Include: minor shopping, settling in, hanging out

We had lunch at Buckalew's, which was really good. Their sauce and crust have no cheese, so I got a pizza. They put lids on the kids' glasses but they are otherwise fairly normal glasses. R. had the lamb sliders, which he said were spiced like gyros. The fries were excellent and A. even liked her burger sliders, which she finished later as leftovers at dinner.

T. and I picked up some groceries at Murphy's. We went back later after lunch to get some more stuff that J. needed, and also went to the pharmacy to get some things for J.'s quite nasty cut finger which he didn't feel like taking to the ER because of the amount of time that would wind up consuming. Well stocked pharmacy; A. bought some toys there, too. A slime lava lamp and one of those dig it out toys with a lump of pyrite in it. R. hates dig it out toys and I always forget that, unfortunately.

ETA: Technically, the other house is 1 block over and a block and a half down. In practice, it's more like one block walk. Glad my map skills and the availability of rental houses made this work out! Since traffic is so light even on the main road at this time of year, T. is able to go back and forth without anyone going with him. I've been walking with A. and holding her hand because I'm paranoid and she can be a little unpredictable. She doesn't mind the walk at all; she prefers it to bothering with the van.
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