walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday's Activities Include: inadvertent filing rampage, A.'s half day

A. had her half day. I rescheduled play therapy to right after she got out of school, then turned her over to a sitter so I had an evening to catch up on random stacks of stuff around the house. During the day I got a couple walks.

The inadvertent filing rampage happened when I got mail from the insurance company I use for my condo. They decided -- not unreasonably, actually -- that they would rather have people buy their insurance directly from them rather than through an insurance broker. So they fired a bunch of independent agents. Look, I'm all in favor of disintermediation, and the day will come when my insurance agent in Seattle retires. But I've been using this particular insurance agent since before I was the one paying for the insurance. When someone slammed into the back of the 1977 Oldsmobile '98 I was driving to UW, he was the guy who got me a decent settlement even tho the idiot driving the other car had no insurance. (It is possible it was actually a 1978 Olds -- my memory has become foggy on the year, altho not the history of the car. My father bought it new, and it was delivered without the rings, leaked oil like you would not believe and stranded our entire family somewhere on I-5 between Bellingham and Seattle before the fault was found.) He originally hails from quite near where I _now_ live and the whole thing just adds up to I go with whatever he recommends.

Anyway. He sent a letter telling me to expect this a while back, and I went looking for the letter. I could NOT find it. Very frustrating. I did, however, wind up filing several inches of paperwork that had been building up since the last time I couldn't immediately lay hands on some piece of paperwork I was looking for and/or worked on taxes that triggered a filing rampage.

This is a backdated post; foreshadowing! The paperwork will eventually turn up.
Tags: daily activities
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