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Animal Kingdom, Departure Day

Today, my sister's flight was fairly early, so she went to Disney Springs and then home. We had a later flight so we went to AK and rode Expedition Everest 5 times. Ouch. I refused to get on it again. I had to take imodium in the morning anyway because I foolishly ate a Veggie Naanwich at Epcot a couple days earlier and it really didn't agree with me. Allergy pills will fix the allergic reaction but I never remembered to take a lactose pill.

After Everest, we did Safaris, then lunch at Restaurantosaurus. Then everyone else went on Primeval Whirl. I hate that ride. It beats up my shoulders something fierce and I have no idea why.

A. and I also did It's Tough to Be a Bug.

Our flight was delayed because the incoming flight on the same airplane was late out of Boston due to weather and we weren't able to leave until things were a little better in Boston anyway. Fortunately, it turns out that one of the boxes of food they sell on JetBlue is kosher, vegan and gluten free, which means -- because of the vegan part -- it has no milk products. Fortunately, they did not do gluten free with buckwheat, which would have been a problem for me. R. bought a sandwich to bring on the plane. I had the last of the package of bagels for T. and a box of Nutrigrain bars to feed A. I got a Jack to go with my Ginger Ale and felt much less annoyed by the whole experience.

I discovered that the driver on the way home had gone to college at EWU, and lived for a while here in Acton. Small world!

T. unpacked his luggage put everything away unprompted then put himself to bed. A. went to bed without much protest. I did not do laundry, but got everything else unpacked. We are all very happy to be home.
Tags: daily activities, disney, trip report
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