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Magic Kingdom, Ohana

I probably should not have planned to do MK today, because it was insanely busy. Also, our APs had expired yesterday so we had to set up new media and I forgot to tell R. who left earlier than us with T. *sigh* It did eventually all work out. They waited in the Will Call line for me.

I convinced A. to do Peter Pan first thing, which was fun. Then we did Belle and there was no one there, but fortunately people showed up pretty quick. A. wanted to be Mrs. Potts (she always does) and that actually worked out well. We even still managed to get on Buzz through the regular line. Then it was fast passes, but A. wanted to do Space Mountain twice; we waited through a 40 minute queue -- mostly she just wished there were games to play through the whole queue. Last FP was Seven Dwarfs. I love that ride. Then she brought up going to see Rapunzel and Tiana, which would have been a 5 minute wait in the morning, but was now 55 minutes. I was able to get a 4th FP for about an hour and 10 minutes, so we bought some stuff, went to the bathroom, went on the carousel and finally got into the FP line slightly early. I convinced her we could go back to the hotel at that point, since T. and R. had gone there so we could ride with them in the car over to dinner. Altho it was tricky -- she wanted to know where the other princesses were.

We had lunch with my sister's family at Cosmic Ray's. We all had dinner at Ohana, where the kids got to do coconut races.
Tags: daily activities, disney, trip report
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