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Switchover Day: Epcot, Kona

We were supposed to go in for the first hour today, but decided not to. MIL, T. and I finally went down to Islands and got him his waffle. Their breakfasts are large and tasty, which I think violates some rule of sit down hotel breakfasts, which are typically not very filling, not very tasty and wildly overpriced (I guess that last part still sort of applied, but it's hard to mind much when the food is good and there is lots of it).

MIL went home. We went to Wilderness Lodge and then toured Epcot. Since we had a dinner reservation at Kona Cafe at 5:05, and I wasn't sure when our room would be ready, I figured it would be easier to just spend a long day at Epcot and not return to our room until after eating. To that end, A. and I rested a couple times in the DVC member lounge, along with her iPad. I sort of wish I had brought her charger. I also discovered that the credit card charge issue with MIL's room really hadn't been fixed, so I had to find out how to correct that. Wilderness Lodge's concierge/front desk was very helpful about getting a form printed out so I could fill it out, send it in, etc.

R. went to Publix to pick up some groceries. Yogurt and cole slaw. The necessities of life had now been acquired, altho not with the brand T. wanted in the yogurt because they were out of his preferred brand/flavor.

We got from Epcot to Kona by monorail then walking. We got from Kona to Wilderness Lodge by taking two boats. Kinda cool! Both meanings of the term. It was after dark and R. and I were shivering. The kids had more clothes on than we did.
Tags: daily activities, disney, trip report
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