walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Mummy and Mythos

I figured out that R. was wrong about the bagels. There _are_ bagels and a toaster for them in the Orchid Lounge. T. keeps asking for waffles (they have pancakes but no waffles) because I told him when I said we'd be getting breakfast at Islands (when I didn't understand about the grab and go) that they have waffles. *sigh*

I convinced A. to try the Mummy ride. That was fun! Altho really very exciting. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Mythos after returning to the hotel to rest in the middle of the day. We were joined by H., R.'s uncle and my MIL's brother. They don't do a dining pass any more at Universal so we bought in a single day Florida resident ticket and then took our time leaving and went on a couple Seuss landing rides (the monorail and the Cat in the Hat dark ride). They were really nice and let us all go in the express, even tho I hadn't set up H. with express (I had meant to put his name on MIL's room in case this happened, but never actually did it).

R., me, T. and A. -- all four of us -- completely forgot our lanyards when returning for dinner at Mythos; R. ran back and retrieved them all. Boy did I feel silly! Fortunately, it's not a very long walk.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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