walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

In Which One Child Throws Up

I woke up to texts from my MIL that my son (who was sharing her room) had thrown up a few times during the night, including just recently. Yikes! She was a trooper. He was a trooper (didn't get anything on any bedding, thank goddess). Most amazing of all, he still wanted to go on rides. And didn't throw up again for the rest of the day. I blame the milk shake he had at the end of the day, but who really knows. He touches everything and is constantly licking his fingers so the potential for truly random vectors is amazing.

We got going early and went to Universal Studios for the first hour so we could go on Gringott's. I foolishly let myself be talked into stopping at the Minions ride first. Should have said no. Oh well. It was a good day, and we (A. and I) stopped relatively early and spent the rest of the afternoon in the room hanging out and relaxing.

I had gotten two babysitters (for my kids and for my nieces) so the adults could all go to Emeril's Tchoup Choup. It was really good. Wound up with double orders (second order comped) of the bao and the pork belly; 2 orders of the bao is a good thing, not so much with the pork belly.

I had not realized when planning the trip that the Orchid Lounge is set up as a grab and go breakfast starting at 6 a.m. I thought we'd have to get stuff at Islands, which is sit down. R. told me that there were no bagels, so we got fruit and cereal.

Really regretting not making time to go to the grocery store, but it just isn't happening, even though we do have a small fridge.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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