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In Which We Fly to Florida

Today, we got up to some shocking news. Well, R. had stayed up and already knew so I was the shocked one.

Nevertheless, we were due to be picked up before 7 a.m. to go to the airport. The kids were cooperative. We got to the airport with plenty of time but not so much we wish we had slept longer. The flight had a slight hiccup. Another pilot on another plane noticed a hatch open so we had to go back, have that closed and then try again. Nevertheless, we arrived on time. Our bags were present and accounted for. The rental car worked out fine, altho SunPass iOS app persisted in crashing so I had to wait until the evening to list the rental vehicle on that account. Despite that, it looks like the transponder was recognized just fine.

We drove to Loew's Royal Pacific at Universal Orlando. We checked in, left our bags and got our express passes. We already had entry passes from our April trip. My sister had arrived from Virginia on an earlier flight and got a lot of touring in; we got less because we arrived later. I tried to fix a problem with which credit card was charged for my mother-in-law's room and thought I succeeded (foreshadowing! AKA backdated entry).

A. and I went to Islands of adventure and toured clockwise -- we normally go counterclockwise (no, I don't know why). So we did Jurassic Park (water ride), Ripsaw Falls (water ride), spiderman (we had done that on previous trips) and Skull (new ride wasn't open in April). Other than getting spectacularly wet, it was really fun getting to try a bunch of new (to us) things.

A crisis in the extended family which had been in progress for a couple weeks and which had seemed to be resolving took a turn for the worse with the emotional impact of the election.

Really good vacations with negatives swirling in the background are emotionally confusing.

ETA: I had a drink at Jake's with my sister's family, and then wound up getting dessert, since they had soy delicious (I think it was the coconut milk one, but I'm not sure). I had dinner at Burger Digs, splitting a chicken nugget meal with A. only she barely ate any of it.
Tags: daily activities, trip report
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