walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Saturday's Activities Include: Roche Bros, Target, Best Buy, Bertucci's, Trolls, etc.

Today, T. and I went grocery shopping at Roche Bros. After bringing the groceries home, T. and I went to Solomon Pond. We shopped at Target for PJs and button down shirts for him, and accessories for several of us (scarves, gloves, hats). Then we went to Best Buy, where we unloaded three boom boxes, the oldest from the late 1970s, according to R. (recycling). After that, we stopped at Bertucci's for lunch, then went to see the Trolls movie.

After returning home, T. and R. went ice skating while A. and I hung out and I did some laundry. We all had dinner at home, altho we did not all eat the same thing. R. and T. had the beef taco that I'd made a couple days ago. Apparently I overdid the chipotle, and T. was, "This is hot!" and stuck his head under the kitchen faucet. I said he could have something else and he said, no, that's okay, he'd just drink a lot of water. R. put some shredded mozzarella on it; that seemed to help. On the one hand, even R. thought I'd overdone it with the chipotle (I couldn't find the new mexico red). On the other hand, I'm so proud of my boy! He likes spicy! Woot!
Tags: daily activities, food, parenting
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