walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A Cuffless BP Monitor That Actually Works


R. showed me a short article in Spectrum, thinking that this was what I had posted about the other day. It is not. This is ultrasound. I posted about photoplethysmography, which I have probably spelled wrong this time. Not the same at all, notably in that the ultrasound version actually works.

Very exciting development! People have been fiddling around with ultrasound for BP for decades (since before the early 80s, for sure), but generally the solutions involved cuffs. This is a cuffless, non-invasive strategy and would allow measurement of the full waveform which might give us more insight into what is going on with the cardiovascular system.

Here's hoping they productive this puppy and sell it on amazon in a few years! I know I would buy one.
Tags: health, our future economy today
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