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Thursday's Activities Include: walk, half day, cleaning the plants, pizza

I had a lovely walk (3 miles) with D. today. It was A.'s half day, but she was a really good sport and let me continue my phone call with J. She watched Cookie Swirl C videos. I eventually got off the phone and a little while later M. came over for a visit. We didn't walk, tho, because it was raining, and the sitter was a little late arriving and M. had errands.

Between the walk and the phone call, I cleaned the plants. I had run Roomba earlier, but blocked off the back of the sofa. When I unblocked it, I thought, it's just BAD back here. So I moved the plants (carefully), trimmed some of the dead parts off, cleaned the glass tops of the plant stands, dusted the metal parts of the stand and vacuumed the floor, the baseboard and the back of the couch. But I forgot to dust all the leaves on the plants before returning them, so then I had to revacuum the couch. Ooops. Next time, I'm thinking I'll leave the plants and move the couch. I think it would be easier. The plants are quite large and very awkward.

I cooked the red meat in the fridge with taco seasoning (not out of the packet). In the course of doing this, I caught an error in the recipe I had put up in my cookbook (ooops). I also made pizza dough, pizza sauce and sauteed some mushrooms and bell peppers. While the pizza was cooking, I made a manhattan, since I finally restocked the vermouth, nocino and rye whisky earlier this week. I used to say that when I didn't eat my own cooking for too long, I'd get all sad feeling like one of my favorite restaurants had closed. Well, tonight, the restaurant and bar were both open at the same time. Rare! Well, not really, but I haven't made pizza from scratch in a long while and it was nice to do it again. Boy, A. sure complained about the smell of my lunch, tho -- I'd cooked a green onion and ran the fan for a half hour, but it was still bugging her. I opened the windows and the slider since it was quite warm again today.

I also vacuumed the stairs, did laundry, got the garbage out and a few other odds and ends. R. and I went for a walk after dinner.
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