walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wednesday's Activities Include: T.'s half day, gymnastics, Whole Foods, puberty, walks

This morning, I had a short walk with D., then we had coffee. W. came over to pick up the Radio Flyer wagon and the metal ride on fire engine toy. R. reminded me about the wagon (we still have the folding wagon); I had been at a loss who to move the fire engine along to. So this is very exciting! W. and D. know each other, so it was like a little mini-party for 10 minutes. W. left and M. arrived; M., D. and I all walked along and chatted about some possible TV series that D.'s daughter might enjoy. Then M. and I continued with our walk (reversed). A widdershins walk on the Day of the Dead. It must be lucky, right?

It was T.'s half day, so I picked him up. His clinic was canceled, so after gymnastics we went to Whole Foods. He keeps asking about what songs are about and if you listen to pop music, you know a lot of pop is about sex, one way or another. I got out the books I bought about puberty and changing bodies and so forth and we took a quick look at them -- before, when he was asking these questions, he shied away from any detail, but lately he has been persistently asking for more information, so more information was provided.
Tags: daily activities, parenting
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