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Saturday's Activities Include: Savers, Roche Bros, Staples, long walk

Today, T. and I drove out to Savers (oops said Staples initially). The entire trunk (such as it is) in my car was full of bags, as was the passenger seat and foot well (but not the back seat). Lots of clothes and toys and so forth dropped off. Then we stopped at Roche Bros for a few groceries. After putting those away, we went back out to Staples to recycle a dead laptop (water incident from months ago) and dead iPad mini (the one I gave to my MIL long ago and which she brought back to us after it bricked itself).

I went for a long walk, leaving messages for HP and my sister, talked to a brother in law, and listened to the really excellent Jon Bellion album.

T. wants to go to the new pizza place at the Point. I'm thinking I should scrounge around for a menu and figure out whether I'll be able to eat anything there.

ETA: Looks like Anthony's is a go! No milk products in the crust or sauce, so I can even have pizza. Yum!

In the meantime, R. and T. are ice skating but should be home soon. A. wants to go to Michael's with R. to buy fabric for R.'s (friend, not papa) unicorn's wings. R. (papa) is also in the middle of installing the wall support thing for the TV, so he's going to be busy tonight. A. and I went through her summer clothes drawer and her summer dresses to identify which ones still fit and which ones are too small. I know, you are thinking, who cares? She'll have outgrown them all by next May, right? And you are right, however, summer clothes are aka things you can wear in the winter in some places. She was a trooper. Usually I basically get her to try on something that fits but is right on the edge, and then I get rid of everything that is smaller than that when held against it and keep everything larger than that ditto. It isn't very precise. But she tried on _dozens_ of things. I was amazed.

Older kids are amazing.
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