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Friday's Activities Include: furniture, Agents of Shield, donations in the car

R. and I had lunch at Julie's Place today. Afterwards, we went to Circle Furniture, because the red couch is showing enough wear to cause R. to even think we should replace it. I may have accelerated this process after he pointed out the wear on the arm rest he sits next to and complained about how the fabric didn't last as well as it should have. I noted that it would be a lot easier to find a new home for the couch at this point, versus waiting until it is well and truly dead and we have to pay a junk hauler to take it away like the previous couch. We discussed it some; I wanted to at least think about a sleeper, because we do wind up having over night guests and having that as an option might be pretty awesome (there are other options, including the bunk bed, shifting people around, using the inflatable mattress, etc.). We had some reservations about the one sleeper that Circle carries and I found a place in Boston that had an interesting choice that would even let us use any material we showed up with. In the event, however, he decided he was okay with the sleeper Circle carries, found one with an arm style he liked and we got the queen size (not the queen plus or the king) and ordered a really cute pie cut out table too.

Having made such a major decision, I didn't attempt to do anything else cognitively demanding with the day.

R. took A. to his work for at-work trick or treating. T. hung out with his sitter for a few hours. I finished catching up on this season of Agents of Shield. And I wound up the day by putting stuff to give to the thrift in the car, thus clearing out a lot of the upstairs hallway where it was staged. T. and I will head out to the thrift first thing in the morning. A. is looking forward to going through some of her clothes to see what she has outgrown. She is excited to declutter the clothes, like she did her toys! She is also having fun finding all the little bits and pieces she is finding in her room where I put away the contents of the bin by the basement door. Which I am still feeling very smug about emptying.

I also had two hour long phone convos -- both really pleasant, one with a friend, one with a family member. (That was before the couch shopping.)

By the end of the evening, I couldn't stop yawning, so I took a half hour nap at around 6. That helped a lot.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering, decorating
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