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Thursday's Activities Include: play therapy, two walks, Barbie drone, no trick or treating today

I reschedule A.'s play therapy to 1:30 today, because there was a chance -- weather permitting -- that she would go to Hudson to trick or treat today. In the event, she skipped the trick or treating because of the (light, but still) rain. The therapist was really excited to see the wings added to Fantasias (Ty unicorn stuffie) and to hear how the wings happened (papa and A. went to Michael's, picked out fabrics, papa made the wings but A. got to help in decision making about the design, etc. best friend R.'s stuffies will get wings later but they have to pick out fabric based on R.'s preferences for that project).

I got the long walk with D. which was lovely and the short walk with M., likewise.

A. picked out some Barbie toys, the Starlight hoverboard and the dancing horse. They arrived today. I realize now that I have gotten a better look at it that the Barbie hoverboard is actually a quad copter drone. Yes, Dear Reader, we live in 2016, a magical land with Barbie drones.

I finally edited the bin by the basement door to empty. I am so smugly excited about this that you should assume that if you encounter me today I will be absolutely insufferable. That bin has been multiplying, beaten back and persistently partially blocking the door to the basement for months if not years. It was created to "temporarily" clear off the kitchen table for guests. Well, I showed it! The kitchen table was actually cleared off before play therapy and Barbie toy unboxing AND the bin had been emptied into various more appropriate locations (mostly in A.'s room, but some things bagged to go out of the house to rejoin the rest of a set or otherwise be available for other children to play with). And this did NOT result in any additional containers being added to A.'s room. I'm particularly proud of that last bit.

My smug happiness was briefly dented when I could not find the bucket of balls. However, when walking with M. up the hill on Tuttle, I remember it was in the pink bin in A.'s room and when I got home, that is exactly where the balls were.
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