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Recent Activities Include: Early voting, Crossroads, bins, Kohl's, ants

Yesterday, D., T. and I went to Town Hall to vote. That was interesting. I owe T. a round of SchoolHouse Rocks because he wants to know about the branches of government now. We had dinner at Crossroads afterwards, which was really fun.

I am catching up on this season of Agents of Shield. It has a very Halloween flavor in the first few episodes, with all the ghost/haunting type imagery.

I was thinking to myself, Self, your jeans fall into two categories. Too short, and too worn. So off I went to Kohl's. Fortunately, it occurred to me to ask google where Kohl's was before driving off to one of the ones I knew about because I had not realized there was one in Chelmsford, which is closer than Burlington or Nashua. Jeans and some shirts have been acquired, and I took the bag I brought the new clothes home in and loaded it up with clothes that no longer Spark Joy (a little KonMari humor there, since she is NOT a believer in the one in/one out method, but I am).

I also opened up a bin in A.'s closet that I haven't opened up in ... far too long. I basically emptied almost all of it into a kitchen trash bag, but I did extract a velcro belt pack that used to go on an Ergo that I am pretty sure I gave to A. It attaches to a belt, and I wear a belt. And it is the perfect size for a pair of sunglasses and a cell phone. I'm thinking it may be traveling with me, or at least going on walks with me. I got out a seam ripper and removed the Ergo Baby fabric label.

New ants arrived for the ant farm. I think the gel that shipped with the farm was old or something, because the ants like the replacement gel a LOT better, and it is must easier to see through this gel.

ETA: I also emptied out a bin in the living room, by decanting many of the stuffies into a trash bag and moving the rest into one of the other bins.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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