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Saturday's Activities Include: 2 grocery stores, mall, bookstore

A. was really sad going to bed Friday night, so we talked about fun things we could do on Saturday. We did them. But T. gets up first, and he'd had Saturday planned out for days. So the day started with Whole Foods, then putting away those groceries, followed by a haircut for T., then more groceries at Roche Bros. Then I turned T. over to R. They had lunch at Costco then came home with Stuff, while A. and I went to Burlington Mall. Since she had a late breakfast, she ate very little of her grilled cheese and fries. She wanted to go to Build a Bear, but I am a little appalled by the sheer volume of Build a Bear already in the house, so I distracted her with a visit to Macy's. We never did find the kids shoe department (presumably they have one) but we did buy her a pink Barbie glam convertible (with Barbie in it) and a make your own charm bracelet kit with a Trolls movie theme. Also, a pink north face fuzzy jacket, a shiny pinkish purple puffy vest, some shirts. Then it was off to another shoe store. We got her some Boggs for winter boots (I know, technically rain boots, but they are insulated so they should be fine). We tried Sorel, but they didn't have anything pink in her size. We got her some pink New Balance lace up sneakers, to join the massive array of sneakers she refuses to wear.

I returned A. to the house, and set her up with the new Bubble Guppies episode while I did some things around the house. When T. got home from ice skating, we went to the Pub on the Common, and then we stopped at the new new-and-used bookstore next door, Valley Wild Books. The used stock is so-so, however, I did walk out with three new books (as in, not pre-owned): a NYtimes book about Hillary that T. wanted, the color illustrated first Harry Potter book (we had already bought the second but I somehow missed the first one), and Marie Kondo's book, which I've been running across mentions of since approximately forever and have finally given in and am now halfway through reading. It is eerily like David Allen's GTD. Hopefully, a review will follow. Equally hopefully, I will not be sucked into what is clearly a cult in the making (altho boy, there are some amazing insights in this thing, and people have been massively misrepresenting this book in reviews).

Busy day, spent some money, had a lot of fun. Normally, I don't try to do this much on a Saturday, but I'm glad I did this time.
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