walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wednesday's Activities Include: gymnastics, clinic, Raven

On Wednesday, T. had a half day. I picked him up and took him to gymnastics after stopping at home to pick up his phone. Then it was back to school to go to a clinic. Think teacher conference, but with therapists/aides present, too. T. is old enough that he asked to go, and so that was new and interesting, but it went really well. We finally made Spookly cookies (graham crackers, orange frosting, chocolate chip or M&M eyes and nose, chocolate frosting stem and mouth). We used red and yellow food coloring, which we actually had and it wasn't all dried up. Miracles really do occur.

Since we had two sitters, R. and I went out to dinner at Red Raven.

Also, I got a haircut in the morning, and walked with M. I did a long walk with R. after dinner. I took the compost out, collected the trash from around the house and R. got the bins out.

Yesterday and today I have been uploading school pictures to Flickr, updating the framed school photos on the wall and I requested the digital print we never received for last year's school photo for T. I have no idea why I completely blew off last year's school photos. Sometimes, I just get a lot behind. Like, a whole year.
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