walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: lunch at Julies, library, abbreviated walk, playdate

D. was feeling under the weather, so we went for an early lunch at Julies, followed by the library. Later on, I had a very short walk with M. (the dog was Just Not Feeling It).

We had the B.'s over for a playdate. T. was with his sitter (probably went to Via Lago). During the course of the playdate, I had a manhattan on an empty stomach and then -- really, I am most ridiculous drunk ever. I _used_ to get drunk and go down to a used book store and pet the cats and buy trashy novels. NOW apparently when I get drunk I discuss cleaning products and order new ones online. I aspire to doing actually funny things while under the influence, but in practice, I am incredibly boring.

But I had a really nice time talking to friends and answering survey questions from I. (the daughter, who is about a year younger than A.).

Also, I brought bags of stuff to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station, and handed some off to the family that came over for the playdate. There is now slightly less Stuff in our house. Always a good feeling.

Tomorrow, my car goes in for its annual checkup and I get a loaner. Wonder what it will be? Wouldn't it be cool if I got a 330e as a loaner? (Yeah, that is not going to happen.)

ETA: The frying pans were looking pretty good, but R. found some old cans of Bon Ami and Cameo to try while waiting for the Barkeeper's Friend to show up. I do NOT approve of the way Cameo smells. And I think the Bon Ami works better than the Cameo anyway. The pans are now Shiny. Also, the sink hasn't looked that good in years. Thank someoneorother for the existence of rubber gloves (latex, I suppose) because my hands would be a disaster otherwise.
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