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Tuesday's Activities Include: sitter, 2 walks, taxes

Neither kid had school yesterday. T. had school today but not A., and neither kid has school tomorrow. Weird week.

One of the sitters is still in NY; the service for her father was today, so we may see her later in the week depending. The other one came and took A. and her friend R. to BB Kidz Klub, where R. talked A. into going down one of the bigger slides. This is a huge thing! A. is very worried about the big slides.

I walked with D. and then later with M. M.'s mother has flown to Florida to visit her sister, so I think I will be taking M. to lunch on Thursday.

I got through the errors preventing taxes from filing, so that's something. Then I listened to a couple TRMS episodes (Friday and Monday) while scrubbing blackness off of a couple stainless steel pans. I deployed steel wool in two forms (the puffy thing and a brush) and finally resorted to a steak knife in some of the corners on the handle. It doesn't look brand new, but it looks better than it has in months. Turns out I really prefer cleaning activities where I can really tell that what I did for the last 45 minutes made a difference, vs stuff where who even notices, such as dusting every few days. That is just a thankless waste of time.

Roomba took care of the floors in the kids' bedrooms for me. I finished up the laundry, ran the dishwasher, made chicken with pasta and red sauce for lunch. I also noticed that all the ants are now dead. Not sure what precisely happened there -- could have been asphyxiation; could have been the natural course of events when you have a bunch of ants and no queen.

ETA: Other things that happened today: scheduled service on my car, dentist for me, requested a reservation at a restaurant next month, attempted to schedule a weekend vacation in July and then realized why that was a bad idea, wrote a check for photos, mailed checks for another weekend away, gave D. T.'s old kindle e-reader because he didn't want it any more and perhaps they can make use of it, downloaded some ride photos and uploaded those and other photos to flickr, captured images of a bunch of receipts and disposed of the receipts. That reminds me -- I need to ask T. what color I should order his new rain jacket it.

ETA: He opted for a new one in black again. Put up three recipes, including my not really a recipe for peanut sauce, Priestess's recipe for shepherd's pie, and my taco seasoning packet replacement recipe.
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