walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

new washer and dryer!

When I moved out here, I moved in the way a teenage boy might move: the big TV (which still needs to be fixed from when it suicided on me back in November), the stereo, my clothes, most of my books and all my CDs. Really only the art work was at all anomalous. Everything else stayed at the condo. I essentially moved into R's house and life, which is a very nice house and life. But which had a washer that long ago squirted its oil onto the floor (and a pan R put under it after round one of oil). Said washer is also just in general a piece of crap which tends to leave soap residue, which he doesn't care about, but I do, because I wear a lot of black. And the dryer has no sensor and only one effective setting: very hot.

R in general doesn't like to get rid of things. This is part of why I love him. If he's that reluctant to get rid of a vacuum cleaner as old as I am, presumably he'll want to keep me around, even after new models come out, and I have to be duct taped to hold together. OTOH, I like having things work well around me. So after several rounds, we agreed in principal to replace the washer and dryer. That was last summer, but we had other priorities, including the AC (which had to happen before wedding guests arrived from Seattle) and the generator (which I'd insisted on before I even moved back here). Today, the washer and dryer were delivered, and the washer for sure works. R has to pick up a fitting for the dryer (it's gas, and the current hookup doesn't quite match). Best of all, delivery included removing the old washer and dryer (but not, unfortunately, the tray with all the oil in it).

They are massive, which he wanted, because he wants to be able to wash pillows, the comforter, etc. I'm less enthused, but as long as they handle technical fabrics and don't shrink the cotton, I don't really care. The dryer has a sweater rack that fits in it, which strikes me as a little bizarre, but I'm not going to complain.

Unfortunately, while fiddling with the dryer, R cracked his forehead but good on some of the pipes sticking out of the wall down there. Ripped a several inch long strip right out of his scalp, which bled a whole lot less than I would have expected.

Tonight's activity is seeing the midwife. I foresee blood tests in my future. Wish us all well.
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