walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wednesday's Activities Include: still no sitter, gymnastics, Whole Foods

T.'s sitter is still in NY. After gymnastics, T. and I went to Whole Foods, so at least part of our routine is stable.

During last Thursday's play therapy, T. got login credentials for Head Sprouts, and has been working very consistently on it since then. It is a reading/language learning program.

ETA: Apparently, today is Cooking Day.

T. wanted Monkey Bread, which is refrigerator biscuits cut in quarters, mixed with cinnamon sugar and put in a pan (Bundt in the recipe; small cake in this case) then melted butter (margarine here) with brown sugar poured over it. It's pretty good, but if I ever do this again, I'm going to be tempted to do all kinds of things to cut back on the sodium content.

We made pigs in a blanket: hot dog in crescent buns. I made the rest of the crescents up plain. That was for T.'s dinner. A. had chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, apple slices, some monkey bread. She then asked for pudding -- she wanted the mud pie version with sprinkles and broken up oreos. I did find a package of pudding, but we were nearly out of milk so I had to use a chocolate milk box for the balance of the recipe. Her Life Is So Hard. ;-) The pudding is cooling right now.
Tags: daily activities
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