walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's Activities Include: no sitter, Horseshoe, taxes

Today, T.'s babysitter texted to tell us she was headed off to spend some more time with her ailing father. We are of course sad for her and her family. T. misses his sitter.

I took him to the Horseshoe for dinner. There is no telling how long this could go on.

A. did not have school today. She has a lot of No School coming up, too. She and R. spent the day with A.'s sitter C. They went to see the movie Storks, and they went around Nara a couple times on scooters.

ETA: Back in September, when I first caught this cold/virus/wtf, I finally received the last two tax documents I was waiting for (technically, more than two, but arrived in two separate envelopes). I finally got around to entering them. Then I ran error check, and realized that April Me apparently did a lot more than April Me usually gets around to, because there weren't any errors. Weirdly wonderful. Thank you, April Me! I will try to be as diligent next April, because October Me is really happy when April Me does all this work for us.
Tags: daily activities
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