walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Monday's Activities included: not getting tickets, Julie's Place, Ixtapa, walks

I tried to get tickets at the Washington Monument for a trip later in the year. I did not succeed. I tried to get tickets at the new Smithsonian museum. I did not succeed. It is okay; I'll be back again another year. I did get answers to some questions regarding a different trip, so vacation planning was not a complete wash for the day.

I went for two walks. I tried to go to lunch with D. at Red Raven. We arrived at 11:40, thinking it would be open at 11:30. The doors were locked. We went to Julie's Place where we had a very enjoyable meal.

Later in the day, C. and A. went to get a haircut for C. and have dinner at her mother's house. Meanwhile, I took T. out and about. We went to Ixtapa for dinner where R. joined us and then he took T. to Kimball's for ice cream.
Tags: daily activities
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