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Friday's Activities Include: peanut sauce, Whole Foods cake pick up

Since R. went hiking on Cannon earlier in the week, he worked this Friday. But he took a nap first because his sleep was disrupted. I went for a walk in the morning and he was gone when I came back. He had advanced the laundry that I had deferred because he was asleep so I folded and put away. I also ran roomba in the kids' bedrooms.

I had a pretty quiet day. I've been feeling low energy from coughing and/or cough medicine. One of the sitters is in upstate NY with her extremely aged father (centenarian) who is probably experiencing his last illness, so I took T. to Via Lago and then we stopped at Whole Foods to pick up the cake for A.'s birthday party on Saturday. It was labeled vanilla, which induced momentary panic, however, someone took the box apart far enough to eyeball the cardboard which was marked c/c, which is chocolate frosting on a chocolate cake. That should be the definitive answer. It had better be!

I made peanut sauce and cooked brown rice, since we had cooked chicken thighs (thank you, R.) and there are always vegetables to saute. I experimented with removing the garlic and onion; it tastes fine without them, and I didn't even add ginger back in to try to spice it up more.

ETA: T. points out that I forgot to mention we went to Rancatore's, an ice cream shop in Lexington near Via Lago. We did! Their decaf coffee/espresso machine was broken, so I didn't have anything. T. got ginger ice cream, size "micro". The "micro" size is the first reasonable sized serving ice cream I have seen in New England, and I've been out here for over a decade.
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