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Saturday's Activities Include: birthday party, house guest

Today was A.'s birthday party. Her birthday is not for a couple more days, but this is the closest Saturday. We had her party at Altitude Trampoline park in Billerica. Everyone we were expecting came, altho a couple people were a little late. It was a nice group: people we know through R.'s job, people we know through the kids' school, people we know through therapeutic riding, my walking partner D.'s family. Everyone was very friendly with each other, nice conversations, a very good atmosphere. More adults got in on the action this time, too.

After the party, we went home and met my cousin J., who is visiting for one night. We were supposed to go apple picking, but it was canceled because some of the other participants were not feeling great (this cold/virus/wtf is really just bringing us all down). Instead, J. suggested that we go see a friend's studio in ArtSpace in Maynard, which is in the old Fowler Junior High school building (okay, it was probably something else before that, but honestly, I saw a plaque inside and that's as much history I have on that building). S. was really nice. Her art is very cool: multi media sculptural stuff using gloves and shoes and things with critters in them/made with them. Awesome stuff! Many, many, many artists in that space. I'm looking forward to going back sometime and I'm going to see if D. will go with me because I think she might enjoy looking at the art as well.

T., J. and I all went to the Pub on the Common, which was loud and unusually crowded. But we had a nice time.

R. got the dying disk fixed on his computer, so next week or very shortly after that I really should wrap up the taxes for 2015.

I ran roomba in the upstairs bathrooms and used the canister on some area rugs.

ETA: T. reminds me that I forgot to mention that we went to Ericsson's in Maynard, an ice cream stand about to celebrate its 80th year in business. They were closing up and only had two choices left: mocha chip ice cream and raspberry sorbet. Since R. wasn't there, I felt obliged to tell his crappy dad joke about raspberry beret. J., my cousin, claims that his dad humor was all of very high quality. Hmmmm. I asked J. if he knew about hoodsie cups. Even tho he lived for many years in Springfield, MA, he never encountered them (unsurprising -- no small children in his life at the time).
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