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Recent Activities Include: Out Sick, hike, walking, decluttering

I canceled out of book group last night when I realized that it wasn't just that I wasn't enjoying the book. It was the periodic, unstoppable coughing attacks that were exhausting me. I canceled out of Dutch lesson, because I am not going to be the person that gives the relatively fresh baby something awful just because I don't feel as bad as I did a week ago but am still coughing.

I made apple coffee cake yesterday and cooked A. some bacon. Then the bacon looked so good I made a BLT. Today, R. has gone up to Cannon to hike with a bunch of his/our ex-coworkers from DEC days. He left at around 6 a.m. and will return around 7 p.m. I got the kids out the door (heck, T. more or less does everything, right down to assembling the lunches. I came downstairs to find all the food components and boxes neatly arranged, waiting for me to cut up apples and made A.'s sandwich. This is a Helpful Young Man). T. dressed himself up nice for picture day; I suggested he bring a spare t-shirt and shorts in case the long sleeved button down plaid shirt and khakis he picked out turned out to be a little too warm. I found a new dress in A.'s closet for her to wear for picture day, and then put an apron on her while she ate breakfast so it would continue to look nice.

The old roomba left with D. after we had our walk and coffee and coffee cake. I've already watched last night's TRMS, and am debating the merits of a nap vs. reading about the grid. I'm betting the grid wins, altho I might get distracted by the new Kate Daniels book that I believe is awaiting me on the kindle.
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