walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

New Fridge

While I was at the Cape, the fridge at my condo broke down. I thought that it should be simple: call Albert Lee with the dimensions, get a drop in Amana french door or other branded equivalent, have it installed and done!


After a week of nothing happening (involving a site visit to determine that, yes, a drop in would work fine), I finally took matters into my own hands, switched to Metropolitan Appliance, switched to their installer. A second site visit established that YES, Priestess _can_ measure accurately and YES the drop in should be fine. There will still concerns about the location of the electrical outlet, because the old fridge had an outlet way up high and normal fridges have one lower down. I had this idea that Keith and I had future proofed by having both. Indeed, we had.

Keith did such a fantastic job on that kitchen. It was my Sports Kitchen. Other people get some money and buy a sports car. I got some money and bought a Sports Kitchen. I miss it still, but know that it is in good hands.

Thinking of Keith, I googled to see if I could find current contact information. Alas, no more.


Keith was a good man, who did careful, good work. He could get along with anyone at all, and make you feel happy and comfortable while he was ripping your kitchen apart and replacing it with something new and better. And both bathrooms, too. I'm sorry he's gone.
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