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Today, I took T. to Whole Foods. Then I took A. to the thrift store to meet D. and her family. After that, we all went to Goward playground. Then we had lunch at Wendy's.

Then A. and I went home where we watched some TV and hung out. T. and R. went ice skating and out to lunch at Littleton Sub Shoppe. So we did not go out to dinner at Pub on the Common; we went to El Huipil instead.

A. got a book and balloon and hand pump kit at the thrift store. I think the balloons are old because they kept popping on me. We have ordered new ones. Pink, of course, in the new order.

I did manage to get 3 sets of Duplos out the door (farm, general building set, fire station). I'm not sure if I'll get the rest out next week or not; that depends on how much I'm still coughing (don't want to make the baby sick). I'm now eying the old roomba, which is sitting on a shelf in the laundry and thinking perhaps it would entertain D.'s family to have that.