walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

playset update

I think we kept it under $10K, but only if you count R.'s efforts as free, which isn't exactly fair.

R. took the trees down with a chainsaw he already owned; buying a replacement helmet with integral ear protection was minimal. I bought him a chipper (~$1500) as a present and it isn't used up, altho it has required some ongoing repairs and maintenance already. Our neighbor supplied a small bobcat to move the logs. We hired someone to remove stumps for ~$1000, but some of those stumps were unrelated to this project. Landscapers (BH Labrie, who also cut our lawn and do our fall and spring cleanup) leveled the ground and put in the sand and pea stone, surrounded by flexible pipe filled with same, about $1200. Playset from CedarWorks, $4650.

This is the point at which the MasterCard commercial would be saying priceless. However, I will merely note that the playset is a ton of fun not only for T., but also for R., me, the neighbor kids and probably a number of other people (juvenile and adult) who will encounter it in the future. One of the swings is adult-safe.

I'm very happy about this.
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