walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Thursday's Activities Include: A.'s half day, still sick, play therapy

In theory, I should have had a sitter for A.'s half day, even tho the sitter would have been on the late schedule and A. is on the early schedule. In practice, her regular sitter had X Day and T.'s sitter had a dental appointment. Oh well. A. watched TV and I went back to bed.

The play therapist arrived later, and they make cupcakes. It's entirely possible I paid her the wrong amount purely because my brain is still broken from being sick. Hopefully this will get better soon.

ETA: I texted R. and asked him to stop at ginger court to get take out. I was hoping hot and sour soup would help.

ETAYA: Almost forgot. Despite the problematic voice/coughing, I did have a lovely phone conversation with J. It was nice to compare notes on Butcher's Dresden books (or at least the first one). I don't think we ever had, and J.'s memory is so phenomenal and he is so perspicacious it is _such_ a pleasure to talk books with him.
Tags: daily activities
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