walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Wednesday's activities Include: I Am Sick, T.'s gymnastics, forgotten PIN, groceries

Oh, it is back to school time for sure, I can tell because I have a horrible cold. T. had something like this a few days ago, altho he is Young and Strong so it didn't wipe him out as much as it did me.

My brain was so broken that while I was able to pick T. up at school and take him to Roche Bros., I forgot my PIN for my debit card. After I took him to gymnastics, I looked up how to resolve this problem and learned I could go into a branch (conveniently located near my home) and have them reset it. Yay! A simple solution. And I got to choose the pin, so here's hoping I won't ever do it again, but since I might, I figured maybe make a note of it in my password manager at the same time.

I'm really happy I took carry of the third estimated _before_ I came down with this thing.
Tags: daily activities
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