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Sunday's Activities Include: Applebee's, horse, playdate with dinner, shower cleaning, ants

T. and I went to Applebee's for lunch. After, we stopped at CVS to pick up some toothpaste as we were nearly out of the kind he prefers. I think every person in this house uses a different brand/flavor/wtf (altho I may be wrong -- R. may use whatever is handy for all I know). Then off to the horse and a nice chat with my friend M.

When we got home, I did a little cleaning and then we had my walking partner D.'s family over for playdate and an impromptu taco dinner. I made manhattans and we discovered the last two chicken thighs had gone bad, so we threw those out. The taco meat from yesterday was fine, and I think R. had a leftover burger from Friday night. We had a lovely conversation and everyone went home at 6:15. Then it was showers (because horse). And because it was horse, I had changed and washed the sheets today, on the theory that why not make the day the kids shower also be the day they sleep in clean sheets. We have managed this two Sundays in a row, so it make take off as a New Routine and we'll get free enforcement from T. to do it forevermore.

R. took advantage of his shower to clean the shower floor with softscrub. I took advantage of my shower to clean the enclosure with scrubbing bubbles. I probably ought to get the glass door with windex again, but I did it a few days ago and honestly, I am tired.

I found some more ants. We tracked back on the ant highway, and discovered that they were not actually coming into the house along that crack but further along the wall. Dang! This is why really understanding the critters is crucial to effective intervention. I also found an m & m in the living room, which means Someone Has Been Eating On the Couch. I made sure all the food was put away and the surfaces scrubbed down. I put the chairs and stools up so roomba can run either later tonight or tomorrow.

ETA: Went back and scrubbed the granite in front of the gas fireplace. Those smudges might have been food related and that might be part of the appeal.
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