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Friday's Activities Include: walks, lunch, playdate, duplo sorting, TV arrival

I walked with both my walking partners today, and had lunch with one of them in Maynard at Siam Village. I need to remember NOT to eat the soup there, either, as it gives me a headache (I still don't know if this is a shellfish issue, or if this is just a straight up MSG headache). Pad thai was fine.

We had a playdate with the B. family. Lots of fun! Many toys came out. Some went with our guests (this was preplanned) along with some bags of clothes and shoes. We have invented a new disorder for the DSM and will perhaps start mocking up the diagnosis and some other resources for it later. Tentative name: Prioritization Disorder aka Don't Know What's Important Itis, in Doc McStuffins speak. This is what comes of having an adult convo while the kids are watching Doc McStuffins.

The TV arrived early! We were expecting it this afternoon, but it showed up at 10 a.m., which is good because otherwise it might have happened smack in the middle of the playdate. We love the TV. Old TV went up to A.'s room altho we have not yet mounted or set it up yet. Hopefully tomorrow. The mount that came off the wall won't fit the new TV and unfortunately took some of the wall with it because the paint stuck. Oh well. Can't really see it behind the new TV, but we'll get that fixed at some point, too.

In the course of making space for the TV in A.'s room, I temporarily removed the lego storage thing. I also removed all the Duplos from it, put the regular legos that are A.'s into it, and bagged up the Duplos. I spent an hour or two today reassembling the zoo, supermarket, ariel's grotto, farm, etc. kits using online inventory lists. It occurred to me partway through this project to pre-emptively sort the mass of duplos by color. This sped the process of re-assembling the kits up a lot. (I'm not building the models; I'm collecting together the correct set of pieces into a bag with the picture booklet.) I seem to be missing the booklets for at least one, possibly more than one set, and I still have to do the firestation and cinderella's castle. Not Tonight, tho. Once the kits have been double checked, they'll go off to Savers, unless someone wants them and speaks up very quickly.

ETA: Oh, and A. is now signed up for gymnastics with her friend G. And I've ordered some paddock boots for T.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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