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Thursday's Activities Include: phone call! no trash pickup? other kid needs gym shoes now

I got walks with D. and M. I had a lovely salami and (fake) gouda sandwich for lunch today. I had a wonderful phone call with J.

The play therapist stood us up. I called. I emailed. *shrug* I hope she is well. Good thing this wasn't the day that people joined us from T.'s school to see how we can all help T. with non-verbals. He is excited about that project and we will at some point all coordinate.

It's almost 5 p.m., and the trash and recycling is still sitting there. I logged in to the website. Pickup day IS Thursday, but mysteriously, our next pickup day is 9/9 which is tomorrow. Did I receive an email or other notification? Nope. This is presumably the result of the Labor Day holiday.

T. was supposed to bring sneakers and socks to school. He did not. I asked him why. Turns out he has none that fit. I sat him down, tried on all three pair that were taking up space on the shoe racks by the door and indeed, none of them fit. We will be ordering some later tonight, and I bagged up the rest to go out.

I swiffered some of the ceiling/wall corner on the main floor, and I ran roomba on the main floor. I did not get much else done around the house (altho I did windex a bunch of mirrors and windows upstairs last night).

ETA: So, about those shoes. I was thinking, I don't really want to buy a pair of size 7 sneakers and turn around in two months and buy the next size up. So I went, R., can we borrow a pair of your sneakers? He turned up a size 8 Nike Pegasus that was worn out. They fit great. So T. has sneakers for tomorrow while we wait for replacements to arrive from Amazon. Then I went, hmmm. I had a ton of trouble getting him into his ridiculously expensive, beautiful Ariat riding boots on Sunday. I hauled out my Ariats -- which are older than him -- and put him in them. They are too large, no doubt about it. But not _too_ large. Next time he can't get into his boots, he's using those.

While I was at it, I had R. bring down a pair of swim trunks. Men's medium is too large, but I'm thinking a men's small might be about right. The 14-16 he is wearing just looks too tight on him.
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